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Free Sign Up For 2021/2022

I’m The Prime is a fun quiz that tests your knowledge of Formula 1. We offer you a free sign up for 2021/2022. The first quiz in Qualifying Round 1 starts on July 12th 2021 and the final one will be in Qualifying Round 2 in week 7 in 2022.

We’ll keep you busy for 32 weeks and challenge you with 10 questions from 7 categories (Team, Driver, Country, etc.) and 7 question types (Sorting, Matrix, Multiple Choice, etc.).

Highest score in ANY of the Qualifying Rounds sends you straight to the finals to compete for the Grand Prize. It’s not an issue if you sign up while a Round has already begun. It only means you can still get the highest score in the following Round.


Things That Make Us Unique

Free Sign Up

For 2021/2022 we offer you a FREE SIGN UP! This means 32 Quizzes for FREE! With an added bonus of also having the chance to win the Grand Prize. Play for free and win!


It doesn't matter if you start while a Qualifying Round has already begun. You can always win the next Round and still get to the finals for the Grand Prize.


Enter your Country, City, favourite Driver and Team to see how well they perform compared to those of other members. All on your own profile page.


We give you 3 Quiz Rounds, 16 weeks each and 10 questions every week. We will refund you if for any reason you feel it necessary.

Grand Prize

The winner gets a unique Red Bull Racing backpack filled with exclusive goodies. To topp it off we'll also throw in a Magnum bottle of Moet et Chandon Champagne.


Every question has a 15-second time limit with no pause or reset. Questions range from different categories and types. Every week 10 questions.


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"I started watching F1 in 2003 and was hooked since then. Gaming gives me a chance to test my skills around a track, but this quiz gives me the chance to test what I know of the sport. It's fun and challenging at the same time."

Michael Turner

All Round Sports Fan

"I am a huge Kimi Raikkonen fan and a fun fact I got from this Quiz is I found out that Kimi is one of only 5 drivers with more than 100 podiums to his name. I never knew that! What I also like about the quiz is that you get different types of questions."

M.J.E. Hendrickx



Most frequently asked questions and answers

We offer a FREE SIGN UP for the only two Qualifying Rounds in 2021/2022! Just to show you what fun our quizzes are. This means you have 32 unique quizzes to test your F1-knowledge with and to play. You even get to win the Grand Prize as an added bonus.

We most certainly offer a refund! Should you not be satisfied with our quiz for whatever reason, we will refund you if you feel it necessary.

Starting late in our Quiz-season is not a problem at all! It only means you cannot win the current Qualifying Round anymore. But that doesn’t mean you cannot win the next one. Winning just only one Qualifying Round puts you in the finals for the Grand Prize.

After signing up and having taken your first real quiz, your quiz score and bonus points (remaining quiz seconds) are combined and listed on a public leaderboard.

The recurring total amount only shows you what the price will be if you decide to extend your subscription with us for another year. The date shown is when your new quiz year begins. So the amount listed does NOT affect your current check out total.  

All participants must be of legal drinking age in their respective region.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is applicable for consumers living in the EU. We use our prices to calculate your local VAT. Consumers pay: local VAT plus our price.
Example: Belgium: quiz price + 21% BTW.

Only with a valid VAT-number in the EU will it be possible to pay just our list price; we will then apply a ‘reverse charge’ to the VAT. Reverse charge is not possible in the Netherlands regarding Dutch sales tax (BTW); our list price i.e. is ‘as is’ for the United States as they do not charge VAT on B2B-sales.

Every Qualifying Round features 16 quizzes. The final quiz for 2021/2022 will be in week 7 in 2022 (14th-20th February). The Grand Finale will be held the week after, in week 8 in 2022 (21st-25th February). The finalists will be contacted personally and provided with further details. They will play a three-quiz-finale to determine who will be the Prime.


What are you doing with your knowledge of Formula 1? Is it not time you test yourself to see how good you are? We are now giving you a chance to do so!