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i'm the prime

It’s Know Time
Use your knowledge of Formula 1 to win great prizes!

I’m The Prime Quiz
– I’m The Prime is a quiz about Formula 1 in general.
– Highest score in a Qualifying Round sends you to the final.
– You compete with two other Q-winners for the Grand Prize.
– Points are awarded only if you sign up.


The format

Everyone can win! Starting later in the season can still make you win the next Qualifying Round and send you to the final. Our quiz season has 3 Qualifying Rounds with 16 quizzes in every round. 

Every question has a 15-second time limit with no pause or reset. Questions range from different categories and types. Every week 10 questions (bonus ones randomly).

Our regular price is €14,95 but, for a limited time only, you pay €9,99. This is for one year. Although it’s a very small price for such a unique quiz, we offer a refund if for any reason you deem it necessary.

grand prize

play & spray!

PlayStation 5

We are offering you a chance to win your very own PS5. The latest Gaming Console that is out now! We’ll ship it to wherever you live in the world. Only signing up gives you the chance to claim the GRAND PRIZE.

What is a MAGNUM?

The size of Champagne F1-race winners drink on the podium. We are giving you a chance to taste what F1-winners used to taste: Moet et Chandon Magnum Champagne. Only signing up gives you the chance to taste what winners taste!

Entrants must be of legal drinking age!

runners up

second & third place

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Second place winner gets a Samsung Galaxy Tab. We’ll also throw in a bottle of regular Moet et Chandon.

Red Bull Racing Goodies

The second runner up gets a unique Red Bull Racing backpack filled with goodies. We’ll topp off the prize with a regular bottle of Moet et Chandon Champagne.

Entrants must be of legal drinking age!

vat - tax

prices without vat

VAT (Value Added Tax) is applicable for consumers living in the EU. We use our prices to calculate your local VAT. Consumers pay: local VAT plus our price.

Example 1: Netherlands: quiz price + 21% BTW.
Example 2: Belgium: quiz price + 21% BTW.
Example 3: France: quiz price + 20% TVA.

Only with a valid VAT-number in the EU will it be possible to pay just our list price; we will then apply a ‘reverse charge’ to the VAT. Reverse charge is not possible in the Netherlands regarding Dutch sales tax (BTW); our list price i.e. is ‘as is’ for the United States as they do not charge VAT on B2B-sales.