rules & regulations

I’M THE PRIME RULES & REGULATIONS 28th March, 2021 – 20th February, 2022


1.1. The organizer of this quiz is I’m The Prime, represented by CEO A. Motilall, herein after referred to as ‘The Organizer’.  

1.2. All participants of I’m The Prime are required to comply with the Rules & Regulations, according to the below provisions, herein after referred to as the ‘Rules & Regulations’. Registering for the Quiz entails you agree with the Rules & Regulations.

1.3. The Rules & Regulations have been drawn up by the Organizer and shall be notified to the participants via the Organizer’s website, herein after referred to as the ‘Site’, where they shall remain available to the participants throughout the entire quiz period, in the site area dedicated to the quiz.

1.4. The Organizer reserves the right to modify or change the Rules & Regulations at any time without prior notice. These modifications shall become applicable only after their publication on

1.5. The Organizer reserves the right to modify, cancel, postpone or end the Quiz at any given time due to unforeseeable events or conditions that deemed it necessary. In clear terms: modifying, cancelling, postponing or ending the Quiz by the Organizer does not entitle Participants to any form of compensation or claim against the Organizer for any likely loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly caused by the cancelling, postponing, modifying or ending of the Quiz.

1.6. By registering for this Quiz, you hereby agree to receive newsletters from I’m ThePrime.


2.1.The Organizer hosts the I’m The Prime quiz, herein after referred to as the ‘Quiz’, where the participants need to login and solve the following challenge: The I’m The Prime Quiz – consisting of 10 questions.

2.2. Every other week or at the Organizer’s discretion, additional/bonus questions will also be posted on in the
dedicated Quiz section, which are also required to be solved.

2.3. The Quiz is open to participants globally and its objective is:
– challenging participants with regard to their motorsport and general knowledge;
– educating participants regarding the facts and figures on motorsport in general;
– entertaining the participants by presenting them different/numerous question types.

2.4. The Quiz will be held exclusively in English, and includes the challenge stipulated above.

2.5. If a participant doesn’t have an account on , the participant will need to create one in order to sign up for this contest.


3.1. It is mandatory for participants to be at least of legal drinking age in the country/area they reside in. If unclear or if any doubt arises regarding the actual age of Particapant, the Organizer can request additional verification.

3.2. In order to partake in the Quiz, view the results, as well as being eligible to collect the prize, participants must register for the Quiz
with real, valid and current data, according to information listed on a valid identity document (i.e. passport or identity card) and with a valid email address.

3.3. The Quiz is open to any natural person, regardless of qualification, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, as long as they have the legal age that allows them to participate in a quiz like I’m The Prime according to their national legislation.

3.4. By taking part in this Quiz you agree to waive any claims regarding copy written protected comments or a contribution from the
Organizer in any way, shape or form.


4.1. The entire quiz is divided into three equal time periods, each lasting 16 weeks and herein after referred to as ‘Qualifying Rounds’.

4.2. The 2021/2022 I’m The Prime Quiz will take place between 28th March 2021 and 20th February 2022. Any quiz completed
after 12:00 p.m. CET on 20th February 2022 will not be taken into consideration. The webserver (CET) is the official clock/time keeper of the

4.3. In the scenario in which two or more participants have identical results (maximum score and time for completing the quiz), they will enter a tie breaker stage. The results of the tiebreaker stage will be made public on the site and announced directly to the candidates in the same situation via email.

4.4. The quiz will be held online on in the dedicated quiz section.


5.1. Participants who meet the conditions set out in point 3. PARTICIPATION RIGHT and wish to participate in the Quiz shall register to the Quiz by creating an account on All form fields are mandatory and necessary for accessing the competition.

5.2. Participants who have already created a valid account on can access the Quiz from their own account.

5.3. To enter the Quiz, all participants must check the ‘Terms and Conditions box’, also agreeing to have read and understood the Quiz Rules & Regulations. The Quiz Rules & Regulations form an integral part of the ‘Terms and Conditions’. In case of a conflict between the Rules & Regulations and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions prevail.

5.4. The ‘Terms and Conditions box’ is displayed at checking out upon purchasing an item on The Rules &
Regulation are displayed in the sub-menu in the Account area.



6.1.The quizzes have been specially and purposely created and are the property of the Organizer, I’m The Prime.

6.2. All quizzes proposed on are in English.

6.3. Access to the Quiz is secure. The participant has a time limit for each Quiz. Every single Quiz can only be done one time. Only the result after every fully completed Quiz will be taken into consideration for awarding purposes and for the general ranking.

6.4. Closing the browser, while playing the Quiz, will render the Quiz completed and therefore no longer available. It is the participants own responsibility to ensure, make possible or be aware that, before engaging in playing the Quiz, necessary steps have been taken to guarantee
the Quiz can be fully completed in a single, uninterrupted session.

6.5.The content, the difficulty level and the time limit allocated to each Quiz have been tested extensively by third parties and I’m The Prime itself.

6.6. Participants have 15 seconds to correctly answer a single question (photo, text or otherwise). If a question has been answered
correctly, remaining seconds (if any), will be added, as bonus points, to the individual quiz score.

6.7. Top 50 participants will be displayed on on the Leaderboard. A personal score, if not in the Top 50, will be displayed according to the current position, on the Leaderboard.

6.8. Marking of the Quiz is done automatically.


7.1. A tiebreaking test will establish final ranking in a Qualifying Round and in the Grand Finale and is exclusively dedicated to participants who obtained the same maximum score.If the participants also obtain identical scores after a first tiebreaking challenge, an additional tiebreaking criterion will consist of a question regarding a certain amount of percentage. The participant closest to or with the correct answer being the winner of the tiebreaker.

PRIZES TOP        

8.1. I’m The Prime is an opportunity for participants to be tested, informed and entertained with regard to questions relating to everything that has to do with motorsports. General knowledge questions (photo, text or otherwise) relating to current and former F1-racing countries will also be featured.

8.2. The participant declared winner of the Grand Finale will receive the following: The Grand Prize. For the 2021/2022 quiz season this being a
PlayStation 5.

8.3. Winners are required to provide their full name and full delivery address in order to receive their prizes.

8.4. The winners must present a valid document containing their identity (passport or identity card) in order to receive the prizes.

8.5. The Organizer will pay the normal delivery costs of the prize to the winner’s location. The winner will take responsibility and needs to
pay any custom/duty/import fees applicable with regard to the prize at their country’s border, according to each country’s specific international trading laws. The Organizer will not assume responsibility for such custom fees.

8.6. The winner will be contacted within 14 calendar days after the Grand Finale to provide their details such as, but not limited to:
full name, e-mail address, phone number and home address. If a winner fails to reply, within the 14 calendar days, to the request sent by the Organizer in order to arrange the Grand Prize or doesn’t provide name, age and a recent legal identity document containing their photo, the Organizer reserves the right to select an alternative winner. All personal information requested and received from the winner will only be used for purposes related to the Quiz.

8.7. The remaining prize winners will be the four (4) runners up. The four (4) runners up will be contacted within 14 calendar days after the Grand Finale to provide their details such as, but not limited to: full name, e-mail address, phone number and home address. If a winner fails to reply, within the 14 calendar days, to the request sent by the Organizer in order to arrange the Grand Prize or doesn’t provide name, age and a recent legal identity document containing their photo, the Organizer reserves the right to select an alternative winner. All personal information requested and received from the winner will only be used for purposes related to the Quiz.

8.8. The Organizer retains the right to alter specific characteristics of any of the prizes without prior notice notwithstanding the fact that the Organizer will do his utmost to inform the winner of such changes no later than the date mentioned in undermentioned paragraphs.

8.9 All the prizes to be won on I’m The Prime are non-negotiable and not exchangeable for cash or credit. If, for whatever reason, the prize is not available, the Organizer retains the right to offer a replacement of equal value. The prizes are not transferable.

8.10. It is mandatory for the winners to partake in related promotional events without any additional reimbursements. The winner will have
his/her photo taken which in turn shall be used for (social) media coverage including, but not limited to, Facebook and other digital platforms.

8.11. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for delay, damage or loss upon shipping the prizes. If necessary, the shipping details will serve as proof of the prize having been dispatched.

8.12. The Organizer is not responsible for injuries, accidents or any form of calamity that has occured upon collecting any prize won in this Quiz, as far as the law permits.

8.13. The Organizer’s decision regarding any investigation or dispute is final and definitive without having the obligation to offer detailed explanations or provide subsequent correspondence.

8.14. ATTENTION! The following participants cannot receive prizes:

  • Those who did not use the first name, last name, email address and password combination for registration throughout the Quiz period. An identity card is necessary for identification and for receiving the prizes;
  • The participants who have been caught cheating the system (illegitimate use of email address(es), passwords, or other personal information in order to win);
  • Those who participated in the Quiz under different identity/ies;
  • Any Participant who has been disqualified by the Organizer. If the Organizer considers that a Participant has cheated in any way, the Organizer holds the right to disqualify that Participant without having the obligation to offer detailed explanations.


9.1. The processing of your personal data falls under the responsibility of the Quiz Organizer:

Name: I’m The Prime
Address: Breda – The Netherlands
Phone number: +3176-8875396

Tax-ID: NL001670064B35
Registered: Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Register-Nummer: 51407973
CEO: A. Motilall

9.2. By registering to the Quiz you agree to the processing of your personal data by the Organizer.

9.3. Your legal rights are as follow:

  • The right to be informed – you have been informed, reading these provisions, about the identity of the Organizer’s Company, the purpose of processing the data you provide, the third parties receiving your data with your prior consent, if providing personal data is mandatory or not, the existence of legal rights for personal data protection, as well as the conditions on the exercise of these rights.
  • The right of access the data – you are entitled, up on a written request, dated and signed, to obtain from I’m The Prime the confirmation that your personal data is used for processing purposes or not. This request will be solved for free within the limit of one request per year.
  • The right of intervention upon the data – you are entitled to obtain from I’m The Prime, upon a written request, dated and signed, the following:
    (A) a rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of incomplete, inaccurate data or illegal processing;
    (B) to transform personal data into anonymous data; to notify third parties about the operations mentioned in (A) and (B).
  • The right to object – you are entitled to object at any moment, upon a written request, dated and signed, to the processing of your personal data, based on well justified and legal reasons related to your situation;
  • The right not to be subject to an individual decision – the right to request and receive:

– The withdrawal or annulment of a decision producing legal effects upon you, that is adopted solely for the processing of personal data, conducted by automated means, meant to evaluate certain aspects of your personality such as professional skills, credibility, behaviour or any other such aspects;

– The re-evaluation of any decision taken concerning you, which significantly affects you, if the decision was adopted solely based on the processing of data that meets the conditions established as per letter a).

  • The right to address the Courts of law – you are entitled to address any Court of law to defend your lawfully rights regarding personal data protection. If some of your data is incorrect, please notify us as soon as possible.

9.4. Your personal data will be kept by the Organizer for a period of two (2) years. Once this period expires, your personal data will be
used exclusively for statistical purposes.

9.5. The Organizer may communicate your personal data to third parties in the following cases:

  • With your express consent by checking the corresponding box;
  • If the communication of information is necessary to provide the products and services you requested.

9.6. The Organizer is entitled to communicate personal data to public authorities and institutions in compliance with the legal or good faith provisions if:
(a) it is set out in a legal provision;
(b) it protects the rights of I’m The Prime or its affiliates, without prejudice to your interests;
(c) it prevents crime or protects national security;
(d) it protects the individual or collective safety;

9.7. In case the Organizer merges or is totally or partially purchased by another company, the database will be transferred to the new operator.

9.8. In case the Organizer becomes insolvent, voluntarily or involuntarily, through a liquidator, administrator or a buyer, the database can
be sold, authorized, traded only with the approval of a competent Dutch Court.

9.9. In case the above mentioned situations arise, you will be notified via email or an announcement posted on the site.


10.1. You will be held liable for keeping your data and password confidential. You will be held liable for using your registration account,
regardless of whether it has been done with or without your consent.

10.2. You agree to notify I’m The Prime about any unauthorized use of your password and registration account. The company shall not be held liable for any moral or material damage you caused by non-complying with this provision.


11.1. I’m The Prime authorizes the Participant to view the content on only for personal purposes and non-commercial use.

11.2. The content of I’m The Prime – branded websites, the texts, graphics, photos, software, as well as other materials are protected by copyright law. The entire content is the property of I’m The Prime.

11.3. The compiling (i.e. the gathering and re-ordering) of this website content is the exclusive right of I’m The Prime, protected by the
regulations in force.

11.4. Unauthorized use of any of the content is a violation of the copyright law or of other laws. You do not have the permission to sell or modify the content, expose it in public, distribute or use it in any other way, either for public or commercial purposes.

11.5. The access to the servers belonging to or rented by I’m The Prime is forbidden to any unauthorized user. Unauthorized attempt/access to these servers is a crime sanctioned according to applicable Dutch law.


12.1. The Quiz may be closed before the date mentioned in point 4 only in the case of an event deemed as force majeure or unforeseeable, according to the regulation in force, including the case consisting in the Organizer’s impossibility, for which he cannot be held responsible, to continue the Quiz.


13.1. Any litigation occurring between the Organizer and Participant(s) shall be settled amicably. In case this is not possible, for any reason whatsoever, the litigation(s) shall be settled by the competent Dutch Courts.

13.2. The Participants accept the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.


Name: I’m The Prime
Address: Breda – The Netherlands

Phone number: