vat - tax

prices without vat

VAT (Value Added Tax) is applicable for consumers living in the EU. We use our prices to calculate your local VAT. Consumers pay: local VAT plus our price.

Example 1: The Netherlands, consumer pays €24,99 + 21% BTW = €30,24
Example 2: Belgium, consumer pays €24,99 + 21% BTW = €30,24
Example 3: France, consumer pays €24,99 + 20% TVA = €29,99

Only with a valid VAT-number in the EU will it be possible to pay just our list price; we will then apply a ‘reverse charge’ to the VAT. Reverse charge is not possible in the Netherlands regarding Dutch sales tax (BTW); our list price i.e. is ‘as is’ for the United States as they do not charge VAT on B2B-sales.